Brand Lift Study has a simple mission: to empower the advertising industry to shift the conversation beyond clicks, towards the more profound values of marketing, which are brand lift and increased intention to act or buy.

Addressing the true values of advertising

To help achieve this, Ringier offers a simple, scalable measurement solution. It lets premium media report on the brand lift effect across four key metrics:

  • Brand awareness
  • Brand consideration
  • Brand preference
  • Action intent

Brand Lift approach:
One question


Single question that captures four metrics – awareness, consideration, preference and action intent.

Precision targeting - enables it to measure much smaller campaigns.

Survey design - can be adjusted to match client design guidelines.


Book campaign and generate a tracking pixel to add to the creative or provide creative IDs to be tracked.

Customise survey question and launch. Some users exposed to the creative are retargeted with a single question regarding their ‘brand relationship’.

Responses are assigned a value and linked to the user’s frequency of exposure to the creative message.

Brand lift effect is calculated automatically via Brand Metrics’ proprietary regression-based algorithms.

Details of brand lift achieved are delivered via a report.


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