Social Stars

Independent artists’ and podcasters network, a Brandtube and Ringier Romania project.
We connect your brand to specific audiences of specialised content creators.

Who are the social stars

Hot artists of the moment: trap and rap musicians. Șatra B.E.N.Z., NANE, Subcarpați.

Loved traditional music artists: Văru Săndel, Niculina Stoican, Doinița and Ionuț Dolănescu, Cornelia and Lupu Rednic.

The best in entertainment: HappyFish TV – Tetelu, Gojira, Natanticu.

Sports and healthy lifestyles promoters: Carmen Brumă.

Children’ entertainment artists: Gașca Zurli, Ela Crăciun.

On the rise artists: Romanița, Dora Gaitanovici, Adrian Mihai Petrache.


Our promise

Popular on Social Media channels, our Social Stars artists and podcasters are united by their passion for their art and an honest dialogue with their audiences. Through our network, your company communicates directly with these people and forms longlasting connections.

Our goal is meaningful business. We offer brands a direct way to audiences passionate about specific interests, sustained by the amplification and distribution power a great national publisher.

  • People who made history, the young people who rewrite the rules now
  • Who has earned a place in the gallery of classics and who sets the tone for new trends
  • They are Social Stars entertainers of each generation
  • All generations of entertainers for all generations of the public
  • Specialized influencers, the best in their field
  • They're not good at everything, but they're the best at what they do
  • Fashionable music – trap, rap – and traditional music – popular and lute
  • Humor. Cooking. Sport and healthy lifestyle. Children's entertainment
  • Different preferences, just like the people who follow them. Passion unites them
  • They are close to people who feel and appreciate their dedication
  • No missions and targets; with honesty, human to human
  • They connect people

Our Social Stars

Adrian Mihai Petrache
Angela Rusu
Aproximativ discuții - Podcast
Carmen Brumă
Cornelia și Lupu Rednic
Doinița și Ionuț Dolănescu
Ela Crăciun
Fără scuze - Podcast
Gasca Zurli
Ion Paladi
La mintea lui Tetelu - Podcast
Mirela Retegan - Fix la fix
Mirela Vaida
Niculina Stoican
Oana Radu
Puglife Entertainment
Șatra B.E.N.Z.
Stai să zic eu - Podcast
Văru Sandel

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